(480) WINE-004 | Open nightly, 6 pm - 2 am (kitchen serves until 1:30)


Since its debut in 1997, Cowboy Ciao has become an iconic Arizona destination for food (‘Best Fusion Cuisine’, Ranking Arizona), drink (‘Top 12 Bars in Arizona’, Thrillist), and wine (‘Most Innovative Wine List’, National Restaurant Association). Serving Lunch & Dinner daily (as well as Sunday Brunch), Ciao features Modern American Cuisine with Southwest accents and Global influences in a ‘Big City’ atmosphere. One of its seminal dishes, the Stetson Chopped Salad, has been copied by dozens of restaurants (and a pair of grocery store chains!) across the nation. In 2013, Cowboy Ciao opened a second location in Phoenix International Sky Harbor Airport. It quickly received accolades from Entrepreneur Magazine as ‘Best New Airport Restaurant’. An Alumni dinner extravaganza hosted by Ciao in 2014 underscored its long legacy, as 50 former team members returned as Owners, Chefs, or General Managers of their own restaurant and winery projects.



What can you expect with a name like Counter Intuitive? The Unexpected! CI (our short moniker) is in essence a Craft Cocktail Lounge showcasing competition bartenders fashioning both classic cocktails and modern mixology. The theme of CI changes every few months to a different ‘episode’. We debuted in February of 2015 with ’New Orleans Estate Sale’ (Sazeracs in a flask, Painkillers, Bacon Beignets, Shrimp Remoulade Deviled Eggs, and an actual Estate Sale), with ‘Picasso’s Secret Visit to Cuba’ and ‘Shanghai Social Club’ on the horizon. The food and drink offerings evolve with the changing of the concept. CI is only open to the public Friday and Saturday nights from 10PM to 2AM, and the space is available for private parties and special events (some of which have included the 200th Birthday Celebration of Amaro Ramazzotti, Forteleza Tequila Dinner with owner/distiller Guillermo Sauza, and the Jade Bar Reunion) the remainder of the time. The jewel box-sized space seats 20 at the bar, 30 at tables, and has the capacity to sit up to another 30 on the patio.


Super Chunk is small-batch, handcrafted sweets & treats with a modernized, unique twist. Husband/wife team Sergio and Country Velador, create everything in-house, from scratch, with the best possible ingredients. You can find us in Old Town Scottsdale, where we sell our signature selection of confections including chocolate bacon caramel corn, duck fat toffee, housemade licorice (made with fennel, anise, and green chartreuse), mesquite chocolate chip cookies, hand pulled taffy and an assortment of other unique treats.

Country Velador, Executive Pastry Chef at Cowboy Ciao and Kazimierz World Wine Bar in Old Town Scottsdale, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Arizona State University before she found her passion for all things sweet. In 2010, she received the ‘Best Decadent Dessert’ award by Phoenix Magazine. In 2011 and 2013, she received The Phoenix New Times ‘Best Desserts’ award, in which they stated she has, “the best dessert menu in town – if not the galaxy.”



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